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The Oxford Editors is a leading, international literary consultancy, based in Oxford, UK, dedicated to helping all writers at every stage and in every genre.

Our world-famous team of authors, publishing experts, designers and top editors help with all genres of writing and guide authors at every stage of the writing process.

The Oxford Editors provides the expert help and advice you need to write your novel, screenplay, thesis, academic thesis or article and then take it to the next level. Many of our authors have gone on to great writing success.

We also work with top publishers worldwide and have a large network of literary agents to whom we regularly recommend our clients as well as having our own Agent Finder Service if we think a bigger agency would be better suited to our clients’ needs. Our clients include first-time authors, professors at top universities, politicians, and established authors, playwrights and poets who want a second opinion from a professional.

The Oxford Editors can also help you publish and market your book.

Email us on info@theoxfordeditors.co.uk – or call us – we always like to chat about writing.

We cover fiction, non-fiction, children’s, business and academic writing and can provide a wide range of editorial and assessment services to writers no matter what genre or level.

We offer manuscript assessment for fiction, non-fiction and academic books, as well as editorial assessment of screenplays, plays and poetry. However, there is a lot more; we also provide re-writing, copy editing, proofreading, ghost writing, on-line writing courses and one-to-one mentoring.

Our editors are published authors, successful screenwriters, experienced ghost writers, copy editors, proofreaders, multitalented playwrights, internationally acclaimed poets and leading manuscript editors. They will pass on years of writing and publishing experience to help you make the best of your writing.

The Oxford Editors works with new and established authors. Each writer is important to us, from the young boy or girl that want a mentor to help write their first book to established writers who want a second critical eye run over their work before their publisher gets hold of it and the university professor who needs that paper edited in a hurry.

We also have a strong academic department and we have worked with academics throughout the world. Many of our academic authors write for leading university publishers and have been published in some of the most influential journals in their field.

Our authors and ghost writers have been published by a wide range of publishers and taken on by some of the top literary agents in the world. In the last few years we have had authors we helped published by: Hodder; Pan Macmillan; St Martin’s Press; Yale University Press; Oxford University Press; Harlequin; Hill and Wang; Harvard University Press and many more.

 Read what our clients say about us at https://www.theoxfordeditors.co.uk/wp-admin/post.php?post=114&action=edit


Contact us on Mosteshar@theoxfordeditors.co.uk

or Chehre@theoxfordeditors.co.uk



I had been writing my novel for a long time. Like many, I’d been on several creative writing courses, writing retreats, writing weekends (you name it – I’d done it) but still, I couldn’t focus, couldn’t develop my book in the way I wanted to. Eventually I found myself at the (metaphorical) door of the Oxford Editors. They welcomed me. That was the first step. They didn’t make me feel like ‘just another aspiring author’ but someone with potential. Even if I didn’t know it then, that was the beginning of a long path to rebuilding my self confidence as a writer. After months of editing and reviewing pages, talking, listening to advice, drinking coffee, crying, all with my mentor, Cherry Mosteshar, from the Oxford Editors, I can say I have now finished what I feel is a good enough draft to send out to agents. That is down to the Oxford Editors. Without their support I would never have reached this position. They gave good sound advice and weren’t bitchy but also didn’t hold their punches. They were just honest about what they thought. They also didn’t make promises they could never keep. They were upfront about the fact that there is no magic wand. They can’t get you published by using their services. But they can put you in the best possible position to get to where you want to go. Everyone I have met involved with the team are experienced writers and editors so they know the process from both sides and can advise accordingly. I’m so glad I spent my time, money and energy with them and recommend them to each and everyone of you.
Charlotte Green


I found the Oxford Editors efficient, helpful and friendly. I needed my 64,000 word manuscript assessed fairly quickly and received a helpful written reply and annotated manuscript three days after emailing it. The suggestions were spot on and very supportive; having incorporated them into my book my editor and publisher here in Australia were delighted with the changes. I have been singing the praises of the Oxford Editors ever since and am looking forward to working with them again.

Gilbert Mane, Sydney, Australia.

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