We offer manuscript assessment for fiction, non-fiction and academic books, as well as screenplays, plays and poetry. However, there is a lot more – we also provide rewriting, copy editing, proof reading, ghost writing, and one-to-one mentoring for new authors and for experienced authors with writer’s block. We are here to help writers no matter what stage they are at.

We will produce a detailed, honest and practical assessment of your manuscript, tailored to meet your needs.



We specialise in editing work written by both English speaking and non-English speaking academics. The Oxford Editors has links with many academic journals in the UK and overseas.


Agent finder and submission

Your book proposal can make or break your chances of attracting an agent or publisher. These days most books are sold on the strength of a book proposal and the first three chapters of the book.

Writing a book proposal is an act of marketing not a work of literature, and if you don’t get it right you may miss your chance.
We also offer an agent finding service.


Ghost Writing

Got a story to tell? We can help you write it. Celebrity books are dominating the bestseller lists at the moment and some of them have actually been written by the celebrities themselves. However, it isn’t always so. Increasingly, people with a story to tell are turning to a ghost writer to put their thoughts onto paper. So if you have a great idea, are bursting to tell an interesting story or want to share your life with others this is the service for you.



All writers know that feeling when they have crawled over their work so much that all the words appear to merge into one. You have read the same paragraph so many times you can’t make out if you are repeating yourself or just re-reading the same passage. Then someone looks over your shoulder and their eyes go straight to the little mistakes.


Copy editing

Copy editing goes that little bit deeper than proofreading. It catches not only those grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes and awkward sentences that can slip into your manuscript while you concentrate on the bigger picture, but also picks up any ambiguous points, repeated text or inconsistencies.


One-to-One Mentoring

Writing can be a very lonely business with long hours staring at a blank page wondering where to go next and if the fruits of your labour so far are any good.

Now you can develop your writing skills with the help and support of a published writer with years of experience to pass on. The Oxford Editors’ mentoring scheme is the perfect answer to the loneliness of the long-distance writer.


Writing Courses

The Oxford Editors offers a range of writing courses, tailored to your individual interests and needs.


Does My Idea Have Legs?

We often get new writers who are unsure if they should devote the blood, sweat and tears in an otherwise busy life to a book, play or film. This service helps them at the very start to focus on their objectives and the real potential of their ideas with the help of an experienced, professional writer.


Life story / Memoir

Biographies and autobiographies are increasingly popular books. The world has changed, and is changing, so rapidly that our childhood, let alone that of our parents would seem like ancient history to our grandchildren. Let The Oxford Editors help you preserve this history.



In this day and age it is getting harder for some books to find a conventional publisher, and more writers, even the experienced ones, are turning to self publishing. This no longet has the stigma it used to, although even Jane Austen went down that route.


Children's Books

The market for children’s books is one of the most vibrant and the most hungry for new and exciting talent. Let us help you stand out.


Agent Finder Service

We offer a very popular agent finding service, targeting the best agents for your work. We prepare the package to send out, research the market and contact agents for you.


Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of great writing to the writer in your life.


If you are in doubt please contact us through our Contact Us page or telephone us on 01865 238066 / 01865 358737 for more information