No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else’s draft

H. G. Wells

editing-pageAll writers know that feeling when they have crawled over their work so much that all the words appear to merge into one. You have read the same paragraph so many times you can’t make out if you are repeating yourself or just re-reading the same passage. Then someone looks over your shoulder and their eyes go straight to the little mistakes.

Let us be that extra pair of eyes and go through your manuscript line by line to correct grammar, remove repetitions and track down those spelling mistakes and stray commas.

Although we make every effort to catch all mistakes during copy editing, most books will need a final proofread to catch any typos and those little bits that inevitably slip the net.  Most publishers will correct proofs several times, and we would advise that you have the final version of your manuscript proofread before publishing.

When you present your work to an agent or publisher it is essential to make the best possible impression and you don’t want them distracted by bad spelling or grammar. They need to know that you are serious and professional if they are going to invest in you.

Copy editing

editing-page2Copy editing goes that little bit deeper than proofreading. It catches not only those grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes and awkward sentences that can slip into your manuscript while you concentrate on the bigger picture, but also picks up any ambiguous points, repeated text or inconsistencies.

Publishers often complain that they lose precious time and have to spend vast amounts of money correcting the work of even their top writers.

The Oxford Editors’ team of professional editors will go through your work as many times as necessary.



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