I once asked a young dissertation writer whether her suddenly grayed hair was due to ill health or personal tragedy; she answered: “It was the footnotes.”

Joanna Russ

collegewallBased in Oxford, we are able to provide the expertise and experience of leading academics in order to give you the very best editing services.

Our editing, revising, proof reading and copy editing service uses the skills of editors who are also academics and authors.

We have extensive experience of working with both native and non-native speakers of English in a huge range of academic disciplines. Whatever your specialisation, we will be able to help.

The Oxford Editors has links with many academic journals in the UK and overseas.

We provide fast and affordable editing services for all forms of academic work, including journals, academic papers, dissertations, theses and books.

Our editors specialise in academic copy editing for journal articles, manuscripts, theses and dissertations. They are all experts in their field, are involved in academic research themselves or have published academic books and papers.

harvardOur service includes fact-checking and style analysis. We also proof read and copy edit academic books and papers which are ready for publication. We can use our links with academics and academic journals to help writers place their work.

In addition, The Oxford Editors works with universities and other institutions to support their academic staff and to help raise the level of academic output.

We will copy edit work, improve grammar and presentation but we are not allowed to add any academic content. We cannot write  papers or articles that will appear in academic journals for you, but can help you with your articles for newspapers and general interest magazines based on your research.  We do not write or research essays for students.

Fees differ so please contact us first to discuss your project.

Manuscripts should be sent as a double-spaced Word document with your name, the services you require and contact details at the top.

Our Fees and How to Submit:

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We offer discounts when more than one service is taken up and paid for at the same time at the start of the work.


Please see our Terms and Conditions.


If you are in doubt please contact us through our Contact Us page or telephone us on 01865 238066/01865 358737 for more information