Does my idea have legs?

We often get new writers who are unsure if they should devote the blood, sweat and tears in an otherwise busy life to a book, play or film. This service helps them at the very start to focus on their objectives and the real potential of their ideas with the help of an experienced, professional writer.

Our overriding philosophy is if you feel it then go for it. However, a professional eye can often be a good way of making sure you don’t run off in the wrong direction. We help you determine your potential in today’s competitive market.

This new service could be a powerful instrument in your journey as a writer. It is not for the author popping the champagne on word 90,000, but for those still immersed in the opening stages of their creative process and looking for informed, objective feedback on their work from the perspective of an editor and literary agent.

We will assess your work firstly on the idea. Is it new and does it inspire and excite? We will help you determine the genre and advise you on its commercial potential. We will give you all the advantages of seeing your work through the eyes of someone who was sitting where you are not that long ago. We are all authors and we know how it feels and how confusing it can all be. Your mother thinks it is a work of genius, your friends are supportive and polite, so who do you go to for honest and constructive advice?

You come to us, and we will gently hold your hand and tell it as it is. If we say it is good you can be sure it has promise. Through our many services we are here to help you strengthen that writing muscle.

What you get

  • Your idea will be evaluated for both editorial and commercial merit by a fellow author and industry professional.
  • You will be sent a report including recommendations on how to take your idea forward.


What we need

What we need is for you to tell us what your idea is and how you intend to tell it. Let us know what you want to achieve and anything else that will help us understand you and your writing.

If you have already started writing, please also send a sample of the work – up to 5,000 words.

Please make sure the pages are numbered. We prefer a Word document in Times New Roman in 12pt and double-spaced. This should be sent in an email as an attachment addressed to


This service costs £350.

Our Fees and How to Submit:

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Please note, we do not accept encrypted manuscripts.



We offer discounts when more than one service is taken up and paid for at the same time at the start of the work.

Please see our Terms and Conditions.


If you are in doubt please contact us through our Contact Us page or telephone us on 01865 238066/01865 358737 for more information