If you are in difficulties with a book, try the element of surprise: attack it at an hour when it isn’t expecting it.


Please always put your contact details and the service you require on your manuscript.

Manuscript Assessment Services

Fiction, non-fiction, short stories and children’s books.

(These fees are for a report on the contents of the book, you will need to contact us if you require copy-editing or proof-reading.)

You can pay via our online payment page using a debit or credit card, or contact us for details to make a direct bank transfer (there is a small discount on direct bank transfers).

Short stories

Up to 5,000 words £200
6,000 words £212
7,000 words £224
8,000 words £236
9,000 words £248
10,000 words £260


Full-length Books

Up to 20,000 words £330
30,000 words £354
40,000 words £396
50,000 words £438
60,000 words £474
70,000 words £516
80,000 words £544
90,000 words £600
100,000 words £678


Fees falling between word-count prices above are charged at £5 per extra 1,000 words up to 5,000 words and then they will be charged as the next band up. So 43,000 words would be £396 plus 3×5 making £411. 46,000 words would be charged at the price for the next band up, 50,000 words.

For longer manuscripts please contact us first.

The fee for a second assessment will be calculated at 85% of the original fee.

Scripts for TV, radio, film and theatre:marx

Feature film length – Usually 30,000 words.
Script of any length up to 30,000 words – £588
Please contact us for fees on longer scripts

TV and Radio

1 hour episode – £350
2 hour episode – £700

Book proposals:

Reading manuscript and giving detailed advice on writing your proposal – £400
Writing your book proposal for submission to agent or publisher – £585


This is a very personal relationship and depends on your project, but you can expect to pay between £65 and £150 per hour, depending on project and experience.

You can also take out a six-month mentoring arrangement for £2,280, or a one-year mentoring arrangement for £3,620.


 Writing courses:

Personalised Course

£400 for 6 months

Novel Writing for Beginners:

£479 for an 11 week course



By arrangement. Some ghostwriters charge a one-off fee while others prefer to negotiate a percentage of all earnings from the project. The average 60,000 word book can cost between £5,000 to £8,000 pounds.


Let us write your life story for publication or just to hand down to the family. A 60,000 word memoir, written through interviews with the subject, costs £5,500.


Copy-editing and proofreading:

Every manuscript is different and some require more work than others, so please contact us first for a quote. We are always happy to answer any questions.



Every manuscript is different so contact us first to discuss your project.


Getting started

At The Oxford Editors we love to hear from new writers, as well as from old friends. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you get the very best from your writing experience, our aim is to provide help and encouragement for all writers.


How to pay

We hope we have made our Fees page easy to use. When you are ready, just pay by going to our online payment page where you can use a debit or credit card. You can also pay by cheque made out to The Oxford Editors Limited and sent to our address. If it is easier for you, you can also pay by direct bank transfer – just ask us for details.

If you are in doubt please contact us through our Contacts Us page or telephone us on 01865 339604.

We are always happy to talk to you if you have any questions.

Make out cheques to The Oxford Editors and send together with your manuscript to:
The Oxford Editors,
Suite 103,
266 Banbury Road,
Oxford OX2 7DL
Manuscripts can be sent using our Submit Script page, or email your manuscript as a word document attachment to info@theoxfordeditors.co.uk

Please note, we do not accept encrypted manuscripts.

When submitting a manuscript please be sure to have the following details on the actual document:
Your name and the email address you used to contact us on.
Your postal address.

The service you requested (assessment, copy editing etc.).

The Date you submitted the manuscript and any deadlines you have for the work.



We offer discounts to all NHS staff, teachers at state schools, firefighters and registered disabled. Call us for details.

We aslo offer discounts when more than one service is taken up and paid for at the same time at the start of the work.

However, please consider carefully if you need all the services before paying for them and claiming a discount. If you accept such a discount, let’s say for assessment and copy editing to be done on your manuscript, you cannot cancel one element of the job later, and no refund will be available.

Next steps

Please submit your manuscript. Once we have received your manuscript and payment, we will send you an acknowledgment and then pass your work and details to the editor who bests meets your requirements. Each book is different, and some take longer than others, but we try and get work back to you in 4-6 weeks. If we need longer we will always keep you informed of our progress.

We also provide an express service with a turn-around time of 2-3 weeks at an additional cost of 50% of the original fee.


All manuscripts should be typewritten in 12 point and double-spaced. Please also number pages in order to avoid confusion.

We will take great care of your work, but letters have been known to be lost in the post and computers crash, so please always make sure that you have a back-up copy of your manuscript. We cannot be responsible for any loss of your work.

Remember to include your name, telephone number, service you require and email address on the title page of your manuscript.

Always enclose a cover letter with your manuscript, with some basic information. It would help to know your target audience, your experience, the genre you are working in, your concerns and anything else that will help us to help you.

Talk to us

At The Oxford Editors we are always happy to take the time to make sure we meet your needs and expectations. If in doubt about your fees or the service that best suits your needs feel free to get in touch via our Contact Us page or on info@theoxfordeditors.co.uk.

Phone us  if you want to talk over your options, for more information or just to chat about whether we can help you.

Telephone us

Telephone us for more information on:


01865 358737

From overseas clients: 0044(0)1865 358737




A short story is a different thing all together – a short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger.

Stephen King, Skeleton Crew

fees-imageOverseas payments

If you are based outside the UK please contact us for details on how to pay by international bank transfer.


Please see terms and conditions:


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If you are in doubt please contact us through our Contact Us page or telephone us on 01865 358737 for more information