Read about our favourite Seagull

Monday, June 20th, 2016

So grateful for this review from Caz Greenham, one of our very first authors. I loved reading her book and the series should be read by every child (and grown-ups) Eric is my very favourite Seagull. (Cherry Mosteshar).
I found Cherry (Cherry Mosteshar), at The Oxford Editors, to be extremely professional and helpful at all times. Nothing was too much trouble. I’m going back a few years now to a time before I became a published author. A time when I knew very little about writing and how to present my manuscript. Cherry Mosteshar was a huge help and I would recommend their services to any writer just starting out and with little knowledge. I was that person back then, and I learnt so much. Hard work pays off, and to succeed we need to never give up our dream. My reward is that I’m no longer that novice who knew very little about the writing world…I accepted and took on board all the advice and help Cherry gave. I recommend The Oxford Editors to any would be writer starting out –

Caz Greenham author of The Adventures of Eric Seagull ‘Storyteller’ series.

You must watch her video This is how authors need to promote their books. Don’t be sky to get the book out there by every means possible.

Reviews from our great clients

Monday, June 20th, 2016

Stephanie Markham

I used the Oxford Editors for a manuscript assessment. I had to borrow the funds for this on a credit card so I prayed I was in good hands, and not wasting my money. The report I received back from the company was really good. Not good in being complimentary, but more in honesty which is what I wanted. Though they did give me some positive feedback also. Initially I had thought my book was ready for the next stages, but the assessment made me rethink the book in general. It pointed out a few things that needed clarification that I had not done. I have since relooked over the whole manuscript, and taken the advice the company gave me. I now feel a lot more confident about pushing my book to the next stage. Therefore I feel that the report was worth every penny. The communications between myself and Cherry Mosteshar were also very helpful. I cannot give a comparison of their services against other companies but I can say I was happy with the service they provided me with.

Comment from Cherry Mosteshar

I loved Stephanie’s book and she was a pleasure to work with,

Success for another of our authors

Monday, May 2nd, 2016


Congratulations to Emmanuel Bancesco, one of the great authors we have worked with, on getting a publisher. The Scarf will be out in August