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Monday, June 20th, 2016

Stephanie Markham

I used the Oxford Editors for a manuscript assessment. I had to borrow the funds for this on a credit card so I prayed I was in good hands, and not wasting my money. The report I received back from the company was really good. Not good in being complimentary, but more in honesty which is what I wanted. Though they did give me some positive feedback also. Initially I had thought my book was ready for the next stages, but the assessment made me rethink the book in general. It pointed out a few things that needed clarification that I had not done. I have since relooked over the whole manuscript, and taken the advice the company gave me. I now feel a lot more confident about pushing my book to the next stage. Therefore I feel that the report was worth every penny. The communications between myself and Cherry Mosteshar were also very helpful. I cannot give a comparison of their services against other companies but I can say I was happy with the service they provided me with.

Comment from Cherry Mosteshar

I loved Stephanie’s book and she was a pleasure to work with,

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