Coming soon: The Oxford Editors to open its own Literary Agency led by Cherry Mosteshar

Saturday, August 20th, 2022

New Literary Agency around the corner:


The Oxford Editors, led be Cherry Mosteshar, has had great success with its Agent Finder Service, but there are still some books we believe in passionately, but with the crowded market many agents are not taking on new and unknown writers.

So what to do?

With so many publishers closed to direct submissions and agents reluctant to take on those not already famous for something, we are going to dip our toe into the Literary Agency world.

We will keep you posted.

Our founder, Cherry Mosteshar, believes that celebrities and those famous in other fields are taking up too much of the market and too little of the new talent we need and readers crave is being published, instead it is left at the bottom of the slush piles.

If you think you have a masterpiece then send your query letter, first three chapter and short synopsis of the chapters, marked for Cherry Mosteshar, to

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