Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

The Society Of Authors is a great source of information and their page on copyright is where authors should start:





They say, “The SoA works at UK, EU and international levels to protect and promote a strong copyright regime.


Copyright is founded on the principle that authors own the right to their intellectual creations and should have the right to authorise others to use their work or not, as they choose.

Authors make a living from exploiting their intellectual creations through the medium of copyright licensing.

Authors also have the moral right to be identified as the author whenever their work is used and to object to derogatory treatment of their work.

Copyright law and licensing is essential to individual authors and the publishing and creative industries as a whole to incentivise innovation, encourage investment and allow authors to protect and exploit their work. The last few years have seen detailed and rigorous review and debate of copyright legislation both domestically and in Europe. The result for the UK is a legislative framework that is balanced in respecting the rights of users and creators and well able to deal with the complexities of the 21st Century.”


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